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Halloween pumpkins over the years

One of our most cherished family traditions is the yearly carving of the Halloween pumpkin with our daughter, which has essentially been conserved since our time in California. Over the years this activity has resulted in very different designs between scary and funny.

2014: the little mystic owl in the fire
2016: a dinosaur monster movie
2017: Grumpy Peanuts
2018: Residents theme (matching our mandatory Halloween soundtrack “Our tired, our poor, our huddled masses”)

In October 2019, for some reason we chose a selection of viruses as subject. Featuring several types of virus such as a bacteriophage (the large one) but also something resembling a flu or coronavirus (top right) we innocently anticipated things to come.

2019: a virus selection

Shocked by this surprising prophecy, in 2020 we chose the most innocent and harmless subject we could imagine: a flower with friendly bees on it.

2020: flower and bee

One year later, in 2021, we carved a giant octopus, toying with a little boat. We are sure the mass development of squids on the French coast that year had nothing to do with it.

2021: giant octopus

2022 featured a stressed Twitter bird at war.

In 2023, a well-known Continental Celtic Warrior finally meets a wild boar standing up to him.

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