Long Distance Calling

A FaceGram-free space for Photography and Painting


This space was designed to show recent photos and photo paintings as well as other interesting stuff I come across. Its is thought to be a complement to my art website which offers are more static view of things. In particular, there are sections dedicated to my last exhibitions at Galerie La Source (2018), Hotel Vog├╝e (2018), and SiLo12 (2019). There is also a gallery showing a selection of recent photo paintings.

This blog also tries to stand in for the social media activities I refuse to participate in, in order to prevent personal data being mongered by certain multinational giants.

Photo paintings? In these works I use photography for compositions which may explore the subject in a spatial or temporal context and create rhythm and harmonies in a way approaching musical compositions. Everything can trigger these compositions, from humble everyday items to grandiose landscapes.

Dirk Redecker, Burgundy/Bavaria 2022

Self portrait in staircase (2017)

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